DENGUARD is a power-saving device developed after years of research in Japan.
Meet the world's first power-saving device utilizing electromagnetic noise control technology.

DENGUARD is a special ceramic plate with the ability to absorb microwaves and convert it into heat energy. Energy saving device installed in the main circuit breaker that contributes to power loss, reducing unnecessary electricity usage.

Did you know that the electricity bills you usually pay each month also include power losses from transfers?
The electricity generated at the plant is delivered via the power distribution and is then fed with an unstable distortion of several pressure relief devices. Especially, when the elecricity passes through the breakers in the switchboard and is passed to each of the electrical units, it produces electromagnetic waves because of the structural changes.
By reliably transforming these unstable microwaves, DENGUARD stabilizes power and reduces power losses.
Reducing power losses will reduce your electricity bills.

Electromagnetic Wave Attenuation Technique

DENGUARD is a special ceramic plate that absorbs electromagnetic wave, and organizes them into stable waveforms to avoid unnecessary electrical loss.

Thermal Energy Conversion Technology

Heat is generated by the resistance of the current and by the collision of electrons and atoms, so DENGUARD prevents electricity loss due to heat generated when the electricity is moved.

Ensure Maximum Reliability

Soft ferrite, the main material in DENGUARD, is a non-burning material, so it keeps your business equipment safe.