DENGUARD is safe.
According to the various number of verification reports, to the accident-free reports, you can assure DENGUARD's power savings effect and safety.



The main material in DENGUARD is ceramic, so it does not burn. Attach it to high-heating machine equipment, but there is no danger of fire.
Ceramic is not only difficult to conduct electricity, as opposed to metal, but also more resistant to higher temperatures than organic material.
It also has a rustproof, non-damaged feature compared to metal or plastic.




Electromagnetic wave absorption is the main function.

Electromagnetic wave absorption

DENGUARD does not affect the ambient temperature by absorption of radiation.
When an electromagnetic wave hits the DENGUARD, it penetrates and only reflects continuously inside, and it can't get out of there. So the electromagnetic waves are captured by the DENGUARD, and they're constantly reflected from the inside, and they're eventually converted into thermal energy.
Radio waves absorbing material is widely used to stop enemy radar transmissions from returning to Earth for military purposes, and is also used to solve problems associated with radio waves from civil use.



Accident-free ratio 99%


So far, during thirty thousand sheets of DENGUARD have been installed, there was no accident except for one breaker failure that was accidentally dropped by artificial error. DENGUARD itself lacks flexibility and has some fragile weaknesses.
However, no accidents have been reported in DENGUARD since it was first installed in Japan three years ago.
DENGUARD is safe.