Service Process

Check out the DENGUARD's professional and differentiated service process.


Environmental Analysis Consulting

DENGA-MAN is involved with expert engineers to conduct consultations on power loss.


Product Installation

Analyze the power equipment configured in the workplace, establish an installation strategy, measure the electromagnetic waves from the breakers, and report installation and results according to the installation strategy.


Post-Maintenance and Management

If the installation location of the product changes due to facility relocation, workplace removal, or other issues in the future, please call DENGA-MAN.

what we do

  • Environmental analysis consulting is provided free of charge.
  • Product installation costs may be claimed in accordance with the pricing policies of the country and region.
  • The costs of moving and reinstalling may be charged according to the price policies for the country and region.

what we don't do

  • OEM products are not distributed.
  • Japanese manufacturer KISEKI does not manufacture OEM products.
  • We do not charge a fee for consulting.
  • The rate of power savings is affected by the electrical installations and the different settings of the workplace. As a result, we don't talk about saving rates in a definite manner before we do consulting.