Start-up DENGUARD Business

Here are the steps necessary to start a business in DENGUARD.

Distributor Contract Process


Request for consultation

Please schedule a meeting in advance through consultation request via homepage, WeChat, email or phone call.


Process Consultation

We offer a 1-to-1 customized consultation for your business environment.


Distributor Contract Conclusion

After signing a dealership contract that meets the DENGUARD business conditions, you will deposit the payment.


Announcement of opening distributor

When the contract payment is paid, we will make an official announcement on the opening of our distributor through our website and various SNS accounts.


Product and installation training

You will receive training on DENGUARD products, technical training for installation, and sales training courses for DENGUARD sales.


Business opening

Start selling now and sign your own customers. The head office will support installation technical support until you are fully trained with the installation techniques.

Contents of headquarters support

Technical and sales support

The head office will provide travel assistance until you have sufficient proficiency in DENGUARD sales and installation technologies. In such cases, travel expenses may be incurred.
Sales support is calculated by one person and installation support by three.

Regular/Irregular education

DENGUARD is constantly being upgraded from its Japanese manufacturing headquarters. As a result, steady technical learning and training can be a great help when installing in a new environment.
Regular/Irregular education will be provided for free.

On/Off-line marketing and planning

We have a variety of online/offline marketing activities, including :
1) Promote our own website, 2) promote official account on WeChat, 3) PR on Weibo official account, 4) operation of baidu knowledge service, 5) operation of the DENGUARD Landing page, 6) operation facebook page, 7) operation Instagram, 8) operation Twitter, 9) participation in major exhibitions, 10) planning of brochure / catalog / business card, etc., 11) planning the Summer and Winter uniforms
We operate digital marketing channels 365 days a year for the success of our distributors.

Sales allotment

If a local distributor is established, the headquarters will not install the product directly. However, we provide fair allotment to the distributors of our local business units.

Provide various kind of sales resources

The headquarters plans, produces, and supplies various sales resources for the DENGUARD operation. Catalogs, brochures, business cards, and uniforms are provided at actual cost.

Expert equipment provided to distributors

HIOKI PW3360-21

HIOKI PW3360-21

This is a device that can record the current and voltage usage before and after the installation of the DENGUARD in real time to create an installation report.

HIOKI 3280-70F

HIOKI 3280-70F

This equipment provides a visual indication of power consumption by measuring the current being used in real time.



Equipment for checking the output figures of the electromagnetic waves by area of the circuit board.

Various tools required for installation

Various tools required for installation

This section provides various tools for installing DENGUARD. It provides only certified insulation tools by default.

Tools bag

Tools bag

A dedicated DENGUARD bag is provided to carry measuring equipment and various tools.



We will provide measuring equipment under development (future notice when development is completed) that can measure EM and current simultaneously.

※ Some items require a separate purchase.