Collection of questions and answers about the DENGUARD.

General questions

What are the saving principles of DENGUARD?
Electricity is carried out in the course of power distribution, and heat is generated by resistance and collisions between electrons and atoms, and electromagnetic waves are generated.
DENGUARD uses a material called magnetite, which absorbs electromagnetic waves and provides a reliable supply of electrical power.
What if it doesn't work?
If you believe that the savings are less than three months from the previous year after installation, contact the agent.
If it is not saved after field investigation and reinstallation, we will process refunds.
Can it be installed in a building or a factory?
Yes, it is. You can install DENGUARD in any location that uses power.
How long will the installation take?
You can install it on the same day after consulting environment analysis.
However, it is not possible to install the machine when your business site is closed.
Do I have to shut down the barrier when installing the DENGUARD?
No, it is not necessary.
DENGUARD is installed under normal business conditions by measuring and installing the electromagnetic waves generated by the switchboard during electrical use.
Where is the DENGUARD installation place located?
It is installed on the ACB, MCCB, or on the main and sub breakers in the workplace.
After environmental analysis consulting, professional engineers will analyze and report on the exact location of installation.
What procedures are required to move business sites or equipment after installation?
Just contact the agent.
For one year, we'll set up a free moving installation, after which you'll have to pay a small fee for a small moving installation.
Doesn't the heat make DENGUARD hot?
Heat from the breakers is low hot and therefore DENGUARD is not heated.
Also, there is no accumulation in the DENGUARD since heat is absorbed into the atmosphere.
After installing the DENGUARD, is there any disturbance at the main breaker?
The DENGUARD is attached to the outside of the breaker to absorb harmful electromagnetic waves without disturbing the breaker.

Financial topics

What is the cost of installing the DENGUARD?
The cost of installing DENGUARD varies greatly depending on the electrical installation structure and environment of the site. However, the average installation cost is 10 % to 20 % of the annual electricity usage cost for the site.
How much electricity would you save by installing DENGUARD?
It may depend on the electrical equipment and structure of the workplace. In Japan, the average savings are 14 percent, and in Korea, the savings are 18 percent.


If you have any questions about the DENGUARD installation, please contact us at any time.

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