Check out the special strengths of DENGUARD.

No additional consultation cost

DENGUARD's Environmental Analysis Consulting costs nothing. Consulting services such as power analysis and electromagnetic measurements for installation are provided free.

Nonstop Installation Process

DENGUARD is provided by an easy construction process that does not require any interruption in operation. There is no need to cut off power or leave the workplace for installation. Select the time period when the business establishment is actively operating, and proceed with installation after measuring the electromagnetic wave.

Maintenance cost is zero

DENGUARD is a special ceramic plate and requires no power supply at all. No maintenance costs are incurred after installation. If you need to reinstall due to transfer of the workplace, contact your local distributor to conveniently re-install them.

100% Refund Guarantee System

If you don't see any power savings after installing the DENGUARD, we'll give you a 100 % refund and collect the product for free.